Nyctophilia: Yay! or Nay! ~find it out here~


Hello viewers!(smileyface and waves)….after a lil’ bit of reasearch(if you agree that a few look-ups in some sites as a research) LOL…

I’ve found a site that unveil nycthophilia to the core. Click here to dig on nycthophilia and find out whether you are nyctophiliac or not.(evil grin):P

AND~~~~after diagnosing yourself don’t forget to share the outcome of your diagnose here.

Have fun looking through yourself.:D

Insight stories about my fondness of darkness;

Hey guys…in case some of you are wondering why i keep talking about this term… I’ve been searching the terms that can describe about what happened to me for last few months. The thing that make me realize about my fondness of darkness is when i always feel angry at my roommate if she turning on the light during the night even for important things. I felt the uneasiness feeling once the light was on. After a few times of that, i kept switching off the light even when the sun just set. I always did that for a few weeks because that gave me comfort and i feel safe in the dark. Some of my housemate keep asking on why i switch off the lamp at early hour. Those question make me ask myself whether it was a good or bad sign.


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