I gave up on you.

I’ve passed the breaking point successfully.

I let you go…officially even though it was the hardest thing to do.

It was your choice. You choose to leave us. You push us till the breaking point.


now you are saying you are coming back?

Is this a joke? Were we just a joke to you?

Why…why you do this to us sis?

I’m not ready for the n-th wave. I’m tired of giving chances when I know it’s gonna happen again someday. Like you used to do to us. 

The last time, it was the biggest wave. That I thought I can never smile again. 

I told myself that it would be the last chance for you. By letting you go, since you thought it was the best for you. I let you go without anger and hatred because it’s the last chance, so you will be happy without us.

I can’t say that I can give you this last chance again. When you come back, please don’t expect me to be the old me. 

I have learned to shield myself. From people like you.


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