By the way I thank you


Now that I think about it…

This feelings that I have been keeping for years,

I guess it’s there bacause of the memories and moments of you, of us.

I don’t know what was it and I still don’t know what it is.

Maybe I can put it under the title of ‘The Unnamed Feelings’.

I…never miss you, really.

But you are always there, in my head and my heart.

It’s like they are chanting your name…whenever I’m happy, whenever I’m sad, whenever I feel bad, whenever I need to calm myself down.

Weird right? I do hope that someone have answers for these questions of ‘Whys’ in my head.

The weirdest part of it’s not about you or your soul.

It’s just your name alone.

It’s like your name can help me to feel better.

It’s like your name always remind me to be a strong person, to be a better person, remind me not to do something stupid.

Most of time, your name alone make me feel that everything is okay, everything’s gonna be okay.

By the way, thank you. 🙂







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