Prescription of Ignorance


This soul…I need to keep it sane,

It’s been long since it feels things,

It’s been long since I let it feels.

But seems like it won’t come back to me.

Maybe it’s my defense mechanism,

It won’t let me feel things knowing that we will feel the hurt

I think I’m happy…it helps me wrapped in the bubbles of nothing-to-think-about bubbles. It helps, really…nowadays I can sleep better, waking up having no thoughts in my head.

It’s the best medicine, I guess. A prescription of ignorance. Daily dosage of that helps me to live, to laugh, to be happy.

Even though there are times that I feel guilty taking these dosage of ignorance when I know those that I love going through rough life.

But I have to….to keep living, I need the prescription of ignorance.


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